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U-Shaped Cable Troughs

KKSP offers a specialist range of precast reinforced concrete Cable Troughs and ducting systems used to house and protect most types of services including power, communication cables and pipes for gas, water and chemicals.

Cable Troughs and ducts can be buried underground, located above or flush with surface levels to provide protection against accidental or malicious damage and to offer ease of access for maintenance and repair.

Three types of flush fitting lids are supplied in either reinforced precast concrete, GRP composite or steel tray.

Typical Cable Trough applications include; rail and highway infrastructure, power stations, gas, oil and chemical installations, industrial, commercial and domestic developments, docks and harbours, water and sewage treatment plants.

. Cable Troughs can carry multiple services for different utility providers
. Non conductive to electricity
. Chemical resistant concrete
. Cables buried at depth are unexposed to weather changes (i.e. freezing or overheating)
. High strength load bearing units
. Easy access for cable repair, splicing or new cable additions
. Whole life costing of precast concrete is lower than other forms of ducting construction

What's New

  • KKSP is now manufacturing 2600 dia concrete pipes, the biggest pipe ever to be casted in India.
  • KKSP has launched precast concrete manholes in the Indian market.
  • KKSP has also launched S-class jacking pipes in the Indian market.