Precast Concrete Solutions


stormwater products construction india

KKSP provides a range of proven precast solutions for stormwater drainage.

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Sewage Pipe Suppliers and Manufacturers india

KKSP has developed a range of speciality solutions to maximise durability, and even eliminate the potential adverse effects of sulphuride acid attacks, which can exist in sewer pipeline systems.

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Tunnel and shaft

tunnel and shaft product construction

Our range of shaft and tunnel products has been developed to meet the requirements of the latest industry standards. Designed with consideration to the ease of construction and speed of installation.

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Bridge and Platform

RCC platform weigh bridges

Box culverts are an ideal solution for instant bridging for pedestrian, fauna and stock crossings under road and rail applications.

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Irrigation Supply

Irrigation equipment manufacture and supplier

KKSP provides cost effective and robust solutions for agricultural water supply and irrigation needs.

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Traffic Management

traffic barrier manufacturers india

KKSP can also provide precast kerbing and barrier solutions, manufactured to local road authority specifications.

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Cable Management

rcc concrete cable management

KKSP has developed a number of solutions for catering to the telecom industry as well.

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